Visual Response to Gulf Oil Disaster

Postmark Deadline
for Chicago Exhibition: July 19, 2010
Exhibition: Gulf Oil Disaster Response
Sponsor: The Foster Collective
Location: Landslide Gallery, Chicago, IL
Exhibition Dates: July 23-31, 2010

The Foster Collective, a Chicago based artist collective, seeks visual and written responses to the oil disaster in the Gulf.  All entries must be on gas station paper towels.  You can draw, paint, collage or write directly on the paper towel. Or, glue or tape your artwork/photograph to the paper towel. Paper towels can be found at any gas station and are usually in the same container as the windshield squeegee. Paper towels can be any color or texture.

  1. Leave a 1inch margin at the top for hanging.
  2. Pease submit the whole paper towel. Do not cut or add to the dimensions, which are typically 9 1/8 x 10 1/8 inches.
  3. Write your name, email address, and location on the back.
If you want your piece returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with your entry.  The postmark deadline for inclusion in the Landslide Gallery exhibition is July 19.  We are currently exploring venues for future exhibitions in other cities.  The Foster Collective does not charge an entry fee. 
Mail your paper towels to:
The Foster Collective